About the Candidate



Steven Welzer has been a Green movement activist for over twenty years. Prior to this campaign for State Assembly (14th Legislative District) he ran for Governor of New Jersey and U.S. Representative.

Steve was a founding member of the Green Party of New Jersey (GPNJ) in 1997 and, prior to that, was editor of the Jersey Greens Journal. He recently served on the Steering Committee of the Green Party of the United States.

Steve is a  co-editor of Green Horizon Magazine (www.Green-Horizon.org) and he has written extensively about the Green politics movement for such diverse publications as Green Pages, Z Magazine, GroundWork, CrossRoads, Independent Politics News, and GPNJ’s bulletin, the GreenGram. He wrote the Introduction to David Watson’s Beyond Bookchin, Preface for a Future Social Ecology (1996); and he was a contributor to the volume Independent Politics: The Green Party Strategy Debate (2006).

Steve lives in East Windsor (Mercer County). In addition to his political work, he is currently pursuing a project to establish an ecovillage in our state. He is supported by his two daughters, Nicole and Brielle; three grandchildren, Sarina, Laura, and David; and his wife of 35 years, Laura Houck.


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Steve will be highlighting issues vital to the health, security, and prosperity of New Jersey voters . . . issues that the Democratic and Republican candidates won't touch because the solutions require a new perspective, one geared to the critical times we live in.

As you explore the web site we hope you'll be inspired to get involved. People all over the world are "going green" in regard to their lifestyle choices, energy preferences, and consumer decisions. Steve Welzer says it's time to bring that ecological consciousness into the voting booth -- and we hope that you agree!